dECOmm co-research will create new skills and frameworks that will enable companies and business networks to accelerate the development and launch of their product and services to meet the nuclear power plant decommissioning market needs.

The market potential is high in decommissioning projects of nuclear power plants (NPP), but so is also international competition. Finnish companies succeed in the competition by combining the expertise of different actors and companies, bringing digital solutions to the market and, in particular, developing solution models together.

dECOmm co-innovation joint action is based on a close co-operation between seven companies and VTT forming the effective dECOmm ecosystem.

Upcoming event

Nuclear Robotics Workshop, 16.06. 14-16 (EET)

Open Business Day on 3rd and 4th May 2022 initiated follow-up discussions about potential Co-Innovation project around robotic and digital tools around nuclear decommissioning. More information and registration.