Nuclear Energy Ecosystems – Open Business Day was a success!

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A seminar of 172 nuclear energy professionals gathered together in Helsinki for Nuclear Energy Ecosystems – Open Business Day event organized by Finnish Nuclear Energy Ecosystem projects EcoSMR, EcoFusion, dECOmm and FINUELS. The event speakers delivered over 35 presentations covering topics in Nuclear Generation Fleet Lifecycle Research & Management. The presentations introduced recent SMR Development […]

Giving birth to the first decommissioning licence in Finland

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Yesterday we got the long-awaited decision from the Finnish Government: The licence for decommissioning of our research reactor FiR 1, which operated in 1962–2015 at the university campus in Otaniemi, Espoo.   The licensing phase of the FiR 1 decommissioning project has tested both VTT’s capability to fulfil the requirements and liabilities, but also the Finnish nuclear legislation, regulations and authorities’ guidelines. The […]

Nuclear decommissioning business is not rocket science, right?

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VTT and FinNuclear orchestrated a rewarding online seminar and networking event called ‘dECOmm Business Day’ around topical issues in nuclear decommissioning and dismantling in September this year. The event drew over 150 international professionals to talk about the current drivers, trends, and challenges in the field, and to listen to keynote speeches from the prominent industry leaders. Great work!  As a part of the dECOmm research project, we at VTT are studying nuclear decommissioning and dismantling from the business perspective. To put it […]

dECOmm Open Business Day – future decommissioning is high-tech teamwork

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We had a great dECOmm Open Business Day on 8th September to bring together Finnish and international suppliers and customers. We had online over 150 participants from business and research. Decommissioning gains attention, it deserves as a large global market. It is not bulldozer business but high-tech development and optimization of scarce resources. We had […]

Enthusiasm, knowledge and co-development

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Our kick-off with business partners was full of enthusiasm. Also at VTT, the project is taking off well, while we create new networks across the multi-disciplinary “innovation powerhouse”. Around the table, it is buzzing with ideas as researchers in augmented reality, radiation modeling, and risk analysis, for example, are telling each other about their own […]

Innostusta, osaamista ja yhteiskehittämistä

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Innostus näkyi kaikkien kasvoilla ensimmäisissä kohtaamisissa yrityskumppaneiden kanssa. Me VTT:läiset olemme myös päässeet keskenämme hyvään vauhtiin ja luoneet monitaitoisen talon sisällä uusia tuttavuuksia. Pöydän ympärillä alkaa nopeasti pöhistä, kun esimerkiksi lisätyn todellisuuden, säteilymallinnuksen ja riskianalyysin tutkijat laitetaan esittelemään omia ylpeyden aiheitaan. Odottelen mielenkiinnolla ensimmäisiä demoja, jotka tulevat syntymään nopeasti olemassa olevia palikoita uudella tavalla yhdistellen. […]