Decommissioning of NPP as business

High market potential

Market potential is very high in the decommissioning projects of European nuclear power plants.

Co-development and business networks

Decommissioning projects are very large and costly. These projects require both special knowhow of companies in NPP industry and traditional demolition expertise of companies outside the NPP industry.

Challenging projects

Decommissioning of decades old nuclear power plants is challenging. Reality often does not follow the documents because of undocumented decisions and badly documented modifications. This makes it impossible to reliably plan and automate decommissioning based on the existing documents.

Long term planning and execution

A special feature of the decommissioning market is that for years and decades before the actual demolition, nuclear power companies require a multitude of services for analysis, measurement and planning.

Circular economy

Decommissioning projects are circular economy business. Ecological issues and circular economy approach are becoming more and more important.