Nuclear Robotics Workshop

Nuclear Robotics Workshop, 16.06. 14-16 (EET)

Open Business Day on 3rd and 4th May 2022 initiated follow-up discussions about potential Co-Innovation project around robotic and digital tools around nuclear decommissioning. The Finnish organizations working in the digitalization & robotics R&D and nuclear energy development have identified common interests in Nuclear Robotics development. Remote and automated operations have great opportunities to increase both the safety and cost-effectiveness of nuclear reactor, laboratory and decommissioning operations. The Nuclear Robotics -project is an initial proposal by VTT to bring together the relevant expert organizations in Finland and to setup a Co-Innovation Project to bring this development forward. The initial meeting is organized to identify the expertise and interests of the potential partner network around the following topics:

  • Remote mapping, sensing and layered modeling of facilities
  • Remote dismantling robots for radioactive environments
  • Robotic operations in radionuclide laboratories
  • Automated monitoring within radioactive industrial environments
  • Multi-purpose robots in Nuclear Decommissioning

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