Research and co-development

dECOmm research project supports companies’ own parallel projects and includes building information models; virtual and augmented reality; radiation transport and dose modelling; artificial intelligence; human factors; operating and licensing framework; Innovation ecosystems and ecosystemic business. Valuable experiences from the company projects will be exploited in research.

Round tables and workshops

Round table groups and workshops bring together researchers and company project representatives to discuss special topics of decommissioning business and technologies.

Reference cases

Each reference case of the different reactor types will be analyzed regarding relevant business models, players involved in the market and current technologies in the use-case specific areas to pinpoint the possible business potential for innovative and systemic solutions.

The dECOmm project will be implemented for 1.11.2019–31.5.2023

dECOmm co-innovation project consists of research project and three company projects supported by Business Finland.